10 Strong, Polypropylene Stakes Set For Grass, Soil – Made For Camping,...

10 Strong, Polypropylene Stakes Set For Grass, Soil – Made For Camping, Anchoring Blankets, Rugs, Tents, and Mats To Ground – Outdoor Lawn and Garden Stakes – Tough and Sturdy Yet Easy To Use (Silver)


Versatile, Lightweight Outdoor Backpacking and Tent Stakes
: These Reversi Stakes Paired with Our Mats Are A Necessity For All Of Your Outdoor Needs. Our rods are:
Lightweight, tough, and durable
Easy to use with their small eyelet for easy removal
Made of solid Polypropylene
Have a rounded, elegant finish for aesthetics and to easily push into the ground without resistance
While our mat stakes are the perfect accessory for our Reversi Rug, they can be used for projects around the house, in the garden, or out in nature
Great for tents, teepees, tarps, and rugs
Lightweight so they don’t add bulk to your luggage or bags
They work best in firm soil and have a nice rounded top, so that they do not create a trip hazard like other stakes
They blend nicely into the ground when inserted, which means they aren’t an eyesore if you are going for a beautiful ambiance
The package contains 10 stakes
Each stake is 3.5 Inches long
Total weight (10 stakes) including packaging: approximately 2 ounces

What Comes With Your Purchase
Polypropylene Rods
10 Stakes per Package
Each is 3.5 inches long
Weights approximately 2 ounces each

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not happy with your Reversi Mat Lightweight Stakes, please return it within 30 days for a full refund.

STRUCTURALLY UNIQUE: The Reversi ground stakes are versatile due to their unique build and design. Though they were designed for the Reversi Rug, their corkscrew tip allows easier and smoother penetration through even the toughest terrain. Because of the ridges, it will stay in place better than their flat competitors. The eyelet of the top allows for easy, non painful removal, so you’ll want to use the Reversi for all sort of activities and items, not just your Reversi rug.
WON’T BEND OR BREAK: When we designed these tough polypropylene stakes, we wanted to stand out from the crowd. Thousands of stakes are made for indoor and outdoor plants, gardening, camping, measuring land, or holding down items during wind or snow storms. But, many of these stakes break and bend or don’t stay in the ground properly, putting your items in jeopardy. Rest assured that with these lawn stakes pack can withstand controversial weather without breaking, bending, or being destroyed.
EASY TO TRANSPORT: Our kit comes with 10, heavy duty, high-quality tarp stakes. We created a product that does its job but doesn’t make your job more difficult. Our ground skates are lightweight, so they are easy to carry in your luggage, store in your camper, or even roll up with your tent or your reversi rug. Taking up very little room, you’ll be impressed at how sturdy such thin tent stake can be. Easy to move around, plow into the ground, and then take out, you’ll use them for years.
A MUST FOR EVERY OCCASION: Anyone who is the outdoorsy type understands there are certain thing in his or her tool box that has to be brought at all times. Things like a hammer, knife, wrench, rope, and tape. These are necessary when you’re out in the woods. Now, you can add these Reversi stakes onto that list. With so many different uses, these stakes are a crucial item to have whether for boating, hiking, picnics, setting up your RV or camper, or even doing stuff in the garden or backyard.
THE PERFECT ACCESSORY TO OUR RUG: Reversi prides itself in many top-quality products that work best when used together. While our landscape stakes can be utilized from anything to harnessing Christmas lights to anchoring teepees, their intended use is in conjunction with our outdoor area rug. The Reversi Mat for outdoors can be used in nature, in your backyard, or on your patio. Each rug has circular loops at each end that our stakes can be driven through to ensure the mat stays in place.