Shiplies 50 Count – 12” x 12” Perforated Cushion Foam Sheet, Recyclable...

Shiplies 50 Count – 12” x 12” Perforated Cushion Foam Sheet, Recyclable Shipping Packaging Moving Cushioning Materials Supplies for Safely Wrapping Dishes, China, Furniture


The foam sheets are made from low-density polyethylene making them lightweight, flexible and strong. The foam is non-abrasive to ensure that none of your valuables are left with residue.

It’s the perfect material for all your wrapping needs. Protect your precious china, wine glasses, photo frames, or fragiles items. It could also be used for wrapping furniture edges to prevent scratches during moving or shipping. It is also safe to protect electronics and small appliances.

Provide benefits such as impact and shock absorption, vibration dampening, surface protection, thermal insulation, and water and chemical resistance.

50 – Pack 12″ x 12″ Foam Wrap Sheet

Polyethylene foam is the material of shock absorption, and prevent your item form damage during shipping
Water-resistant foam sheet protects delicate products. Prevent your valuables from moisture during storage
Lightweight material reduces postal costs
Pre-cut foam is quick and easy to use for layering between fragile items
12″ x 12″ size, thick polyethylene foam wrap